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You grab my head, pulling it down, kissing my lips, mouths open, tongues fighting already.
The floors start to ping by, thankfully slowly.
I lift you up onto the rail that runs round the lift.
Your legs wrap round me, ankles behind my knees. Pmodel1 cam2camsex.
My hands under your skirt, pushing it up frantically, the lacy tops of your hold-up stockings more than I can resist.
Your skirt is almost around your waist before I slide one hand between your legs, feeling the wetness of your knickers. Female exploding orgasm.
Your arms around my neck, you pull yourself up and start grinding against my hardness.
I pin you against the wall, my hands all over you, your fitted shirt ragged, untucked, two buttons undone.
Your nails scrape down my chest, my tie undone. Mature bbw.
For a second I think of hitting the stop button, but I can’t risk that.
It won’t be long before we’re in the room, but I don’t want this to stop either.
I pin your wrists to the wall above your head. Loongthick cockfor bad girls onlylike to ride.

Your back arches, breasts thrust out into my face, straining against the buttons of your shirt.
I stop and look into your eyes, move you into the corner so you can perch better on the rail.
You hold on to the wall and I trace the swell of your breasts, squeezing them, your nipples hard. Eating beautiful pussy.
I bend over taking a bite through your shirt as you breathe sharply.
I carry on biting and sucking, one hand on your other breast continuing to give it equal attention, my other hand sliding above your stocking tops, pushing aside the lace of your underwear and rubbing your clit with my fingers. Swinger club.
I almost burn my fingers on the hot wetness of your pussy, and your juices cover the three fingers I already have inside.
I’ve lost count of the floors but we must be close.
Still we haven’t said anything. Konfetochka free sex chat with usa aunty.
We don’t need to.
This is what we need.
A double ping.
Fuck we must be there.
One final kiss.
Smooth down jacket.

Tuck in shirt.
Doors open.
Pick up cases.
Walk past the maid, who smiles.
Fumble with the card key. Cute webcam girls.
Hand shaking slightly, open door to room 1917.
After you.
Now it begins.
Door closed.
The anonymous decoration.
The huge bed.
Turning you to face the mirror at the end of the bed, standing behind you kissing your neck as your breathing gets deeper. Adult live chat.
You turn and our lips meet, my hands cupping your breasts, feeling their weight.
I break the kiss.
We look into the mirror as I slowly unbutton that crisp white shirt, easing it off your shoulders as you reach behind me, grabbing my bum, squeezing tight. For some nsa and hot body.
My hands on your shoulders, massaging, relaxing, hearing you moan as our cheeks brush.

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