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” Eve felt as if her entire body were one raw, needy nerve, as she sat in the plush leather chair.
She slouched down, then looking up into James’ eyes, she spread her legs and threw them each over an armrest. Couple mexico.
Her hands roamed over her breasts and belly, throaty little sighs and arching motions rippling through her nearly supine form.

She reached over and gripped the thick, smooth column of glass.
The cold made her shiver and smile. Disgusting porn free.
Eve watched James as she pressed the fat tip to one puckered nipple, sucked in her breath as the cold made it draw up even more.
Meanwhile, her other hand had trailed down to her smooth, exposed pussy lips and was spreading her copious nectar over hot, puffy, ready flesh.

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A finger found her tight little bud and she swirled her juices around it slowly, her hips curling up in time with her swipes.
Biting her lip, Eve brought the tip of her dildo to the top of her slit, once again gasping at the cold sensation as she applied the glass to the hyper-sensitized skin. Allie sin ass.
The material glided smoothly over her petals, and she moaned in anticipation of its invasion.

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