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As their lips pressed together and their tongues sweetly probed and tasted each others’, the fingers of Frelic’s left hand traced down the valley formed by his sisters soft, round flanks, and came to rest at the entrance to her tight little rear entrance. Kirillmirkin webcam chat trans.
He teased around the rim, and then slipped his index and middle finger up her clean, hot, rectal passage, while continuing to knead her scorched, paddled flesh with his other hand.
She gasped and gave a sweet moan, as for the second time that day, her brother’s fingers probed her nether depths. Anal teen shag.
Their lips parted from each other and the two just stood there gazing into one another’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity or two.
Frelic’s fingers continued to probe deep up Shaasta’s ass while he held her, and she caressed and kneaded her Master’s smooth, bare bottom; which was every bit as delightful as her own.

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One hand slid around Frelic’s hip and came to rest upon the hard shaft of his cock.
She gently stroked its length, top and underside with her soft Elven fingers, and took a firm grip on it, guiding it to her waiting feminine fore passage, which was damp and ready to receive her Master’s passion.
“Not yet, my little boink bunny,” Frelic whispered, his lips and tongue ever so gently tickling the edges and tip of one gracefully pointed ear. 777natali777 free mobile phone cybersex chat.
Shaasta sighed, “More paddling?” “No,” Frelic replied, “No more paddling yet.
” “But that was only fifty swats,” she reminded him, “and you sentenced me to one thousand.
” Frelic nodded and smiled again, “Yes, that was only fifty. Jessycarosse hotsexy free chat line.
Remember that number, for your penance will be carried out over the course of the next few weeks, in sessions such as the one which we just completed.

We will conduct sessions of fifty swats at least once per day, sometimes two or three times per day should I wish until the one thousand have been fulfilled.
” “Thank-you, Master,” Shaasta replied, sighing with relief that she would not have to take the full thousand in one sitting, or one standing to be precise.
“That won’t exempt you from spankings for other reasons, mind you,” Frelic warned her, “whether for punishment or for pleasure,” he gave her that devilish smile again and corrected himself, “either our shared pleasure or just my own.
” She nodded, understanding and accepting her brother’s judgment. Horny fat women of hyde.
Frelic then removed his fingers from Shaasta’s south passage, and touched them to her lips.

She took them into her mouth and found her arousal growing stronger as she tasted her own unique flavor.
Frelic led her over to the bed, and positioned her on top of the thick cushions, her head resting on the pillows, and her glowing, burning ass raised high. Milf stockings swallow.
Saying no more, Frelic Willowpaw knelt on the bed behind Shaasta, his thick, hard shaft pulsing, its tip dripping clear juices down her tight, smooth slit.
He mounted his sister like a pony.
His hands brushed through Shaasta’s fiery mane and caressed all over her sides, inner thighs, and bottom. Tran pornstar.
Then those hands ran up her firm tummy and kneaded her breasts, lightly pinching the erect, perky nipples.

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