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Well admit it you fucker I might just do it!” “I would love you to touch my little dipstick”, I gasped, still mesmerized by her tits and the whole experience.
Kathy stood up and ordered me to go and clean the kitchen floor.
“I want that fucking floor spotless you jerk. Asian chatroulette sex live.
If you do a good job, then we’ll see about milking that silly little tool” I immediately got up and tried to put my jeans on but she told me to clean the floor totally naked.
I went down to the kitchen and searched around for cleaning materials and then set to work with a wet sponge and soap, scrubbing the kitchen floor tiles, totally naked I was and with a real boner on my four inch friend.

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Soon Kathy came in.
She was wearing a black corset, suspenders, black tights and patent leather boots up to her knees.
In one hand she had a cane.
“Get down on your knees you rubbing rag!” I went down on the wet kitchen floor and heard a swish and felt a sharp stinging thwack on my arse. Misszorro live chat xx.
It was damned painful.
There was another whack and my buttocks felt like they were on fire, I cried out for her to stop but she hit me again, even harder.
“Stand up you mummies boy!” she commanded angrily.
“OK, it’s not a bad job”.

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She touched my dick with the cane.
It was harder than ever.
The sight of her excited me, I badly wanted to come.
“You want to come huh?” She said teasingly.
Then she put a kitchen glove on one of her hands. Imagefap skinny and flat milf.
Get on the table on all fours, I’m going to milk you like a cow because that’s what you are.
” I climbed onto the table as she ordered and suddenly felt her gloved hand squeezing my balls and then the longed for contact with my little soldier.
“Let’s see what we can squeeze out of those peanuts” She pulled a few times quite strongly and my breathing told her I was getting there. Orgy rough sex.

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