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The creaking never faded and my fists clenched up.
“They are both adults, but wouldn’t Lexi tell me if she was with someone? Least of all, if it was Monica? They’ve been best friends for five years now,” I whispered, before I tip toed back towards her door and grabbed the knob.
“Oh, I love you, Lexie,” Monica muttered.
“I love you too, Monica.
” “What the fuck?” I mouthed, prior to turning the door knob.

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I pushed the door open just a few inches just to see Monica on top of Lexi, with the blanket covering them up all the way to their heads.
The bed was only a few feet from the door in the corner, with the long end facing the door and as their heads were toward the wall.
“Holy shit, they are kissing with their eyes closed,” I thought.

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After the initial shock, I shut her door.
I zipped right to my room and shut the door.
“Well, I only saw them kissing.
I don’t have any concrete evidence,” I mentioned, lying down on my bed.
I stared right at the dark ceiling for about five minutes in silence, until the creaking began again.
“Okay, just don’t think about them,” I muttered, as I stripped out of my clothes and turned my fan on.
“That’s better,” I whispered, lying down again, but not hearing them. Three girls sucking gif.

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