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” “We can still be friends.
” She gave him a look that said, in no uncertain terms, that he wasn’t fooling anyone, then kissed him on the cheek.
After a second, she kissed him again, on the lips.
A few seconds later they were still kissing and then, haltingly, stumbling back to the bed, slowed by the increasingly frantic touches of each other’s lips.

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They landed in a heap and curled around each other.
She was still naked; he had only his pants on, which they lost in a hurry.
The morning sun had heated the sheets to a crisp, inviting coziness.
This is a terrible idea, Andrew thought. Chatwap sexs.
Last night was bad enough, but now we’re not even drunk.
Charlotte’s plane touches down in five hours.

I’m late for everything, and if we don’t stop now— Mia broke off.
“Do you want to stop?” “God no.
” “Me neither. Big boob maria moore.
” They dove back into each other.
This is wrong, Andrew thought.
This is really, really wrong.
But I don’t care.
Andrew pressed Mia’s wrists into the headboard while she squirmed, then buried his face against her neck, kissing and nibbling until she squealed to stop, stop, stop. Free chat room with pornstar.

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