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Her legs were raised, bent at the knees and widely separated.
Volodya, half-dressed, was kneeling in front of her and, putting his hands on the inner sides of her thighs, greedily kissed Raikin.
Raika’s eyes were closed, a blush burned on her cheeks, with her hands she passionately pressed Volodya’s curvy head to her “little house”, in time with Raik’s kisses she quickly whispered: “More, more, and then I am you.”

My coat slipped off my shoulders and fell to the floor with a soft thud.
Raika opened her eyes and looked at me in bewilderment.
On her face, the expressions of confusion and idiot quickly changed.
With one hand she pushed Volodkin away, and with the other she tried to throw a combination that had fallen down next to her.
Water felt something wrong, and turned his head in my direction.
His lips, nose and cheeks were wet, his eyes were confused, moving from me to bare Raika.
He jumped to his feet, and, obviously, not knowing what to say and do in this situation, he stupidly asked me: “Have you already returned?” I was completely confused and did not know what to do.
Feelings of anger, shame, offended vanity overwhelmed me.
My eyes filled with tears, and I saw nothing.
Quite mechanically, I raised my coat, turned around, opened the door, and went out into the street; my legs carried me away.
Then some shop turned up.
I sat on it and for some time sat without thoughts in my head, staring into the distance.
Gradually, I began to calm down and think about what to do next.
The future seemed bleak to me, my personal life seemed to end forever.
Then more earthly thoughts took my attention.
It was necessary to think about the night.
I didn’t even have an idea of ??returning home.
I remembered my friend Leah and decided to go to her.

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Fortunately, I got the documents and money with me, but I somehow did not think

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about the suitcase with things.
When I called Leah’s apartment, and only then I remembered that she did not come to the station, although she had to come with us.
The door was opened to me by Leah’s mother, Antonina Ivanovna.
I have not seen her for a long time, but knowing her hospitable nature, I did not doubt that she would gladly allow me to spend the night at their place.
I lost my mother early (my father left us at one time) and Antonina Ivanovna to some extent was replaced by my mother, especially when I was at school and lived with my aunt.
– Natasha! How good it is that you came, ”said Antonina Ivanovna,“ Leah needs you so much now, she only spoke about you today, but we thought that you had already left.
I did not understand what happened to Leah, went into her room.
Leah was lying face down on the bed.
But she immediately jumped up as soon as she heard my voice.
– Mom, come out, I need to talk to Natasha.
Antonina Ivanovna anxiously looked at us and left, closing the door.
As soon as the door closed behind her mother, Leah threw herself on my chest and burst into tears.
– Leah, well, stop what happened? I reassured Leah as best I could.
– Natasha, I made a fatal mistake.
It’s all over for me! – What is over? – It’s all over! – Life is over, happiness is over! She burst into tears again.
– Natasha, I’m not a girl anymore.
Do you know Tolka Silaeva? I nodded – Tolka, a scoundrel, took advantage of the fact that I treated him well.
When everyone was leaving, he detained me, offered me a drink good-bye, and began to crawl to me with his paws.
I didn’t think well what he was doing.
I threw me on the bed and me.
I can’t even say that he raped me.
I simply did not understand anything and did not resist.
She came to when it was all over.
He stroked me, mumbled some apologies.
I hate his greasy lustful face! Good lord And so the slug got my virginity! Natasha, I can not look at my mother.
How will I meet you all? I can not walk the streets, show up at people.
It seems to me that everyone is looking at me and seeing that I am no longer a girl, that I was touching sweaty, dirty paws.
If you saw this reptile when he is naked.
I’m still sick, only I will remember it.
I reassured Leah as best I could, although I needed her comfort as much.
All night we whispered in the dark, lying on one bed, making plans for the future and sharing mutual grievances.
My story shook Leah. Lesbian mom and daughter webcam.

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