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Where is Ace?” “Anna-” Officer Avis began.
“May I call you Anna?” “Yes,” “Well, Anna, the point of the matter is that when the bus was about to enter the roadway, the two rear wheels lost traction from the road which made it tumble down Ocean’s Ravine. Sex ads columbus ohio fl.
The Blue Bird flipped off of a cliff at more than 70 mph, flipping well over 3 times into bulletproof sycamore and oak trees.
Miraculously, none of your classmates died.
However, some are in intensive care due to the severity of the injuries.
” “Everyone is alive?” I gasped, as a paper-thin smile lined my face. Jessykm123 pornochat armenia.
Officer Avis nodded, a bit calmer after he broke the news.
He then went on to ask me what happened prior to the collision.
“I was sitting in my seat, like I usually do.
But, the strange part was that I sat in the seat adjacent to Ace as he was driving that morning.

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Usually I do that in the afternoon when I’m more comfortable and awake.
” His face grew interested, while his body slowly leaned forward as he listened attentively.
“I greeted him and he responded, but Ace was pale and his eyes were dull. Sex girl to girl fuck college.
Not even fifteen minutes later, he collapsed on the steering wheel.
I was a bit familiar with buses, but how would I know how to drive one? We were about to crash head-on into an oil truck, so I spun the wheel to the right. Nikki sins pussy shot.
All I saw was the bus swerve and then everything went black.
Now, I’m here and I feel like.
like I failed them.
” “Why?” Officer Avis instigated.
“You saved their lives, Anna.
How could you say that?” “I hurt them. Enf cmnf com.
my friends.
my asshole neighbors.
and even Ace.
If my reactions didn’t resort back to an immature girl’s and I used some sense to steer, Bus 72 would still be en route and we would all be miserable at school.
” “So, you’re saying that an untimely, but painless death would’ve been better than eight months of intensive rehab?” “I’m saying if NONE of this happened, we’d be better off!” I harshly shouted at him with tears almost sneaking out of my eyes.

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We’ll talk more about this later, he scowled.
You rest easy.
After ten seconds of awkward silence, a nurse walked in with a clipboard full of my charts.
She wore the standard pink scrub pants and a themed Halloween medical top. Phoenix marie cumshot compilation.
When the frail woman saw a police officer sitting across from me, she grew a bit tense.
“Your vital signs and breathing are stabilizing,” the nurse reassured with a smile.
“But, when you all took a tumble, you and Ace got some of the worst of it.

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You may not feel it now, but you’re bruised up.
Your right arm is completely shattered.
The right foot is fractured with chipped bone from your shin.
Because you threw yourself to the left during collision, your right half of your body was exposed to the trees that penetrated both the driver’s pit and the passenger part of the bus.
” “Where is Ace? Argentina sweethearts dating service. Let me see him, please!” I ignored with tears coming to my already swollen eyes.
“He’s being wheeled here now.
I figured Ace would want to see his hero after all that had happened.
” She smirked then walked out of the room to the nurse’s station along with Officer Avis. Xhampster slut sellin ass.

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