It was around 4.
5” at the base.
I pulled my cock out of Ursula’s asshole.
It was filled with my urine; accumulated since morning.
As I pulled out, some of my piss started to trickle out.
But Alex was swift in ramming the ‘destroyer’ butt-plug into Ursula’s shitter. Sexgames2 usa sxey videos.
Alex’s judgement was excellent.

She had lubed the two lowest rings.
Ursula’s anal muscles showed some resistance to the two lower rings.
But the lube did the trick.
With a little effort; the butt-plug was inserted into Ursula’s shithole completely. Woman who suck cock in mallawi merry nile 23yo wanting nsa.
Although some of my urine had escaped Ursula’s anus; but I knew I almost peed a litre.
So, sufficient amount was there to fill her belly.

Alex now removed the Spider Gag from Ursula’s mouth.
Ursula gave a sigh; as some saliva trickled down the corners of her mouth; landing on the table. Dating love email to email david mail ru.
“One more!” Alex joyfully said, winking at me.
Alex grabbed the least to Ursula’s caller and ‘barked’ out; “Get your ass up, bitch! Kneel on the ground! Now!” Ursula got up, confused.
Then, she knelt on the ground, as Alex said. Keishataylor iivesex video.

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