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almost! Her mouth is like a vacuum pump milking me dry.
I cannot hold it.
I erupt into her mouth and she is full of my cum.
Though not hard anymore I am not soft too.
I recline her against the back of the sofa. Real life amateur bondage.
I lift her hips and pull off those stretch pants.
As I had guessed she has no panties on and I realize to my delight she is shaven.

I get on my knees, spread her legs in a V and plunge into her pussy.
She is very wet and the musky odor is a turn on. Teen big pussy lips anal.
I smell a perfume too which tells me she has prepared herself for me and that gets me turned on.
I push my tongue in and play with her clitoris.
I use my hands to stroke my cock back.
I bite her pussy lips, I lick all over and I pull on those outie lips.

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She is moaning again.
“Matt, fuck me, Matt.
I want you, always did.
” I straighten up and push my cock into her pussy in one hard stroke.
I lift her and she puts her legs around my hips.
With my cock still in her cunt, I stand up and carry her to the bedroom.
“Not that, Matt, the baby is there. One on one free sex and fuck chat.
go to the other bedroom.
” I carry her to the bedroom and throw ourselves on the bed.

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