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Knowing exactly what I’m thinking, he smiles.
“You want me to fuck you right here don’t you, my little slut?” he whispers close to my ear.
“Oh yes,” I breathe, my pussy already wet.
He pulls me onto his lap facing him, making sure my skirt is covering my ass. Sex chat live online without any registration.

He runs his hand up my thigh and under my skirt , his fingers trailing over my pussy lips.
“You’re so wet for me already, Caitlin.
” He gasps as he spreads my pussy lips apart and begins a vicious assault on my clit, rubbing it and pinching it hard. Porn orgasm compilation.
My eyes close as I try not to moan.
He thrusts two fingers deep inside my tight shaven pussy, watching me as he pumps them in and out rapidly.

Feeling my pussy tighten around his fingers he kisses me feverishly. Big ass ebony mom creampie.
My orgasm hits me and I come hard, covering his fingers with my juices as my body quivers.
He laughs softly, pulling his fingers from my pussy and putting them to his lips, tasting me on them.
I gasp as I watch him suck my juices from his fingers; I’ve never seen anything so sexy. Sexy busty emo teens nude.
I reach down and unzip his jeans, pulling his big, thick, hard cock out and stroking it.
“I want you inside me, Charlie,” I whisper.