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Julie insisted on helping us wash, paying particular attention to our lower regions of course.
“David, you should shave as well,” Julie said, adding with a grin, “And I don’t mean your face.
” Annie took up the subject and I had to endure the ‘agony’ of being shaved by two naked sixteen-year-old nymphs while pretending not to enjoy the experience.

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My cock let me down, of course, particularly when Julie held my balls while Annie shaved them.
The traitorous digit stood to attention throughout the whole process.
“I don’t start work until next week, folks,” Julie announced when they’d finished with the shaver.
“So you’ve got me for the night if you want.
” Then she squealed as Annie pushed her onto the bed and buried her face between wide open legs.

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Her pussy looked so inviting that I just had to try out my freshly shaved cock in it.
Oddly enough, she seemed to enjoy it too and we went through a whole gamut of sexual games, ending with me completely spent, asleep with a girl on each side and two lovely heads resting on my shoulders. Best verticle paint stripper.

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