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Iwoke up that morning and looked over at the clock, it was nearly afternoon.
I had stayed up most of the night last night with my step-sister Sophie.
We are rehashing old times and I was trying to convince her to consider coming to college next year at the University I was attending. Bikini beach jacksonville florida.
Sophie just turned 18 and she only had a few months before fall term.
She had already been accepted by several schools.
I rolled out of bed and walked down to the kitchen.
Sophie left me a note on the fridge that said she had to run out but she would be back soon. Naked plus size sluts.
I looked out the window and down at our pool, it was a beautiful day and since it was just me and Sophie for the week bathing suits were optional.
I could get a great tan today! I ran upstairs and grabbed my towel and cover up and headed down to the pool.

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I bounced down the stairs through the game room and opened up the sliding glass doors that went to the patio.
We have a privacy fence around the back yard, the only people that could see in were the next door neighbors and they didn’t appear to be home. A serious friend with benefits.
I placed the towel on a lounge chair and grabbed a big green pool island float.
I tossed it in the pool and went back into the game room to turn on the stereo.
Just as I was about to take off my cover-up the doorbell rang. Chloe pornstar pics.
I ran upstairs and answered the door.
It was Mr.
Harmon from next door.
He was a nice older man, about 56, he stood tall and he was well built.

When I slung open the door he seemed almost shocked.
I said hello and asked him what he needed. Discreet mature.
He starred for a moment and muttered something about a hose.
His eyes were fixed on my breast.
My tube top cover-up barely covered up my rather large DD cup breast.
It was meant to be worn over a bathing suit not as a dress. Girl sucks dick baton rouge louisiana.
His eyes looked me up and down, I could tell he wanted to say something.
I was used to guys looking at me, I have nice tight body.
“You need to borrow the hose?” I asked him.
“Yes, the hose.
” He answered. Fun teen sheets.
“Mine has a leak and I need to water my garden.
” “Not a problem, it’s in the shed out back by the pool, let me show you.