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Tom moved lower from my lips to my neck.
Tom moved back up to my ear to whisper how hot I was making him.
As Tom moved back up to my ear his dick head bumped my pussy, I let out a little moan as it did.
Tom slid his mouth down to my tits to kiss and lick them. Japanese after fisting.
He didn’t spend a long time on my tits; I knew where he was headed.
I spread my legs a little farther apart to expose my pussy to him.
Tom gave my pussy a kiss and then started in with his tongue.
Tom found a very juicy pussy that he was only making wetter. Ladies personals xxx.
He licked my pussy much differently than Sam, not as forceful.

His licking was making me so hot, it was like he was teasing my pussy.
I arched my hips up to his mouth trying to fuck his tongue.
I pulled his head into my pussy and told him “harder harder. Who is jt dating.
” I could feel my orgasm building as I squeezed Tom’s head with my legs.
I started to shake and held Tom in tight to my pussy as I came in his face.
I laid back and just enjoyed my orgasm as it subsided. How do female reach your sexual orgasm.
Tom slid up between my legs to my mouth and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.
I could taste my juice on his lips and tongue.
I said to Tom “Wow, I taste good.

” Tom agreed and continued to kiss me.
Tom’s cock was between my legs again and was now resting on my pussy lips. Teacher handjob free video clips.
I looked up at him and said “You know your wife said that she wasn’t ready and we agreed we were just going to do oral.
” Tom stated rubbing his cock head over my pussy lips and he said “You know Sam is upstairs with is dick in Stacy fucking right now. Discreet sex wolpari.
” The only thing I could think of was Sam’s comment earlier, “If we get naked, we will be fucking.

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