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I grabbed my bikini and put my robe, and with fond farewells left, and returned to our room, Frank was still sound asleep, A quick shower and I was back in bed with him, I looked at the clock 2am.
Not a bad day I though, within the last six hours sucked three cocks and been fucked three times. Big cock in the world.
Another record to be broken some time in the future.
I am a white male in my late thirties.
I’m currently single.
The main reason is that I really like BDSM and have had difficulties in finding women who share or even tolerate my passion. Asian news bukkake.
So I visit a local dominatrix on a fairly regular basis.

During my last session, a few weeks ago, my mistress, Ariana, had trapped me in a cock and ball vice, and while she was crushing my family jewels by further tightening the screws, she interrogated me.
“What are you thinking about while I crush your pathetic balls,” she demanded.
“I was thinking I would love to be incarcerated in a dungeon for a few days, completely at the mercy of a mistress,” I moaned in pain.
“I can help you with that. August pornstar free picture gallery.
A fried of mine has a BDSM Hotel a relatively short drive from here.
But you have to stay for the night and promise not to leave.

You of course will have a safe word and don’t have to do anything you really don’t want to do. Girl showing off her body.
You can arrive on a Friday and leave Saturday morning.
You don’t have to pack anything.
Even the toothbrush will be provided.
Just let me know if and when and I’ll make the call.
” The thought of being a slave just following orders in a dungeon environment made me shudder with lust. Bdsm electro.

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