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Flushed, feeling somewhat depraved, she buried her head in the pillow once more, this time licking the teenager’s cum.
It tasted fresh.
She wondered how much she’d missed today’s performance by.
Not by much, she suspected. Shemale gangbang stories.
Tomorrow, maybe she’d hurry home directly after her last class in hopes of… “What? Of catching Lizzy in the act? And then what?” Chuckling at herself, she rolled over, her head lying next to the wet spot on the case, and sighed. Get to know me then we fuck.
“I want her so bad,” she admitted guiltily, if only to herself.
God, what it would be like to bury her face in her former student’s pussy.

When she’d been in college, she’d experimented with other girls, but since she’d met Alex, she’s never even thought about it. Sex chat free intsant.
Lizzy had awakened that hunger the first day she’d walked into her classroom, though, and it had only grown stronger seeing her every day, especially now that she knew what the teen was doing while she was away at work. Cherryrivero live sex chat wab cam on.
“Bury my face in her cunt and give her the best goddamn orgasm ever.
” oOo Lizzy lay in bed that night, the events of the day playing through her head, caressing herself, fingers sliding along her flanks, over her small tits, teasingly brushing her nipples, down over her softly rounded belly, delighting in the way her fingers felt over her smoothly shaved pussy, her breath catching as she teased her clit free from hiding and began to rub it slowly, fantasizing about what might happen the next day.

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She’d been disappointed that Eden had chosen to leave again and hadn’t returned by the time she’d left.

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