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The window was opened behind me and I could feel the night breeze as it flowed through the window.
Smiling to myself with the knowledge that you had no idea of what I had planned for you this evening.
As you finished up your last bite of pasta, I finished my salad. Hottie strip video.
There was a bowl of fresh fruit in the center of table.
“Would you care for some fruit?” I asked.
I reached for a strawberry and dipped it in the fresh whipped cream.
Leaning into you, I took a bite off the end of the berry, your eyes not leaving my lips as you watched. Amateur big tits orgy.
Offering the berry to you, I watched as you took a bite.
Then our lips met.
The sweetness of the berry did not compare to the sweetness of our kiss.
You took the bottle of wine and our glasses, as I took the bread sticks and your hand and led you to the bedroom. Fuck the sytem.
Setting our drinks and the bread down on the bedside table, I turned to you and I began to strip you naked kissing each and every part of your body slowly and sensually.

Then pushed you down into a chair at the foot of the bed. Show me your wife naked norfolk virginia.
I leaned forward to kiss your lips, your cheeks, and your neck; oh how I love the feel of my lips on your skin.
An evening like this with you, where I take control, is always such a turn on for me.
I love when you take control of my body, my mind, my thoughts, my very being. Sex li webcam.
Knowing that you know me as well as I know myself and the things I want without ever having to speak the words.
I want you to have those same exact feelings with me.
Knowing we trust each other completely allows us to experiment in most every way possible. Golden showers at the beach.
I grabbed two of my silk scarves and lightly bound both of your hands down to the arm of the chair.
I leaned forward and licked your upper lip then your lower, gently biting it and sucking it into my mouth. Little blonde larping with me in kapolei.
Our lips met, tongues joined as one.
I let you have a good view of my cleavage as I bent in front of you.

You noticed my nipples as they protruded from the confines of my bra.
The material enhanced their shape as your heart began to quicken and you tried to lean in to kiss them. Luxuryluxury adult grecee sex videos.
As I stood in front of you, I slowly removed my dress leaving on my lacy bra, the garter belt with fish net stockings and my red high heels.
I turned around in front of you and bent over, looking back at you with my finger ever so slightly in my mouth. Police foot worship.
My mouth closed around it, sucking on it, as you took in the view of my naked ass before you.
You wanted to reach out and touch me but you could not with the binds.
Still bent over in front of you, my naked ass in full view, I took both my hands and spread apart my ass cheeks, giving you a perfect view of my perfectly shaped pink puckered hole. Girls peabody that want sex.

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