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Her little black dress hugged every womanly curve she had to offer.
Every click of her heels on the wood floor made Jeff’s desire edge higher.
She surveyed the room searching for him, and as she did, she had the feeling that she was being watched. Pee in the street.
She was.
The men in the room did double takes as their wives or girlfriends eyed her suspiciously.
Unable to locate Jeff, she sidled up to a table that offered her favorite white wine.
Breathlessly, Jeff watched her as she unceremoniously downed the wine. All famous girsl nue.
“Someone is as nervous as I am,” he thought.
He stood, approached the table where she’d selected the wine, and took her another glass.
“You did it all wrong,” he whispered in her ear.
Inhaling her scent he continued, “Should I teach you?” Startled, Tracey responded, her heart beating faster in her heaving chest.

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“You were watching me?” “Yes.
” “How long have you been here, watching me?” “I saw you come in.
Do you know how many heads you’ve turned?” “What do you want to teach me?” Her smile was engaging and Jeff found himself captivated by her again. Foxcentury livesexvido chat.
“It’s a wine tasting, Tracey.
You downed that like a shot,” he pointed at the empty glass on the table.
“Sit down,” she looked him in the eyes.
“Did we really come here for the tasting?” “It’s Napa, of course we did. Discrete private public in the mall.
” Jeff noticed her hesitation, “Go on, say what’s on your mind.
” “Food, wine, atmosphere… Jeff, are you trying to get in my panties?” she giggled.

“Would you believe me if I said no?” he gave her his best impression of boyish innocence. Sol1347 chat porno msn.
“Let me teach you to taste and get to know you.
Please?” “No, I wouldn’t believe you.
But I have the strangest urge to get to know you too, so I’ll stay,” she smiled and Jeff’s heart skipped a beat.
He smiled and rested his hand on hers, “Good, let’s get started. Mass effect miranda porn gif.
” Tracey opened her palm to his and looked into his eyes, “Okay, but only one.
I’ve got the feeling I’ll need a level head this evening.
” He stared at her mouth as she licked her lips and his dick danced, “Red or white?” “White,” she smiled again knowing how it affected him. Upskirt big women.