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Linda called me over to look through a set of binoculars mounted to the deck.
I could see that there were a couple of boats off in the distance that appeared to be headed toward the whales and pushing them towards us. Dating chat love 2016.
She said they were probably whale watching tour boats from the mainland.

We continued watching as the boat bobbed gently up and down.
At one point, Linda left, returning a few minutes later wearing a bikini top, and handing me mine. Debs deepthroat movie.
“You probably want this since the tour boat might get within binocular distance soon.
” I slipped on the top, and every few minutes, snapped off a couple of photos.
The whales continued moving closer and I was getting some amazing shots.

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The tour boats finally turned around and headed back to their home ports on the mainland.
The whales passed by our portside only about 200 yards out, so I got some good close-ups.
I counted eleven whales as best as I could see. Interracial porn star database.
The captain finally got underway again, and after a bit, Linda pointed out an island.
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