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Yes, she was still hot for me to get a better job, one that wouldn’t keep me out to all hours like the two I had were doing, and I was working on that.
I was good with computers my lack of college notwithstanding; I’d be getting me a job sooner or later. Cam to cam chats.
That was my goal: to work with computers and tech in general.
I hadn’t told her, not explicitly, but I had been looking and looking hard.
I’d made what seemed like a hundred calls and half that many in-person interviews over the past year, but nada. Find kingsburg ca swingers sex milfs galleries swinger couples seeking sex.
I needed a resume if not a college degree and I had neither.
My day job was maintenance for Ames Brothers Transport, Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00.
My second job was easier, a security gig at the Milford Building watching monitors on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday midnight to 6:00 A.

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And, with my getting the second job, I’d let my dad know that he didn’t have to go to bat for me.
Still, my biggest problem, apart from trying to find a better job, was my lack of time with my wife.
She appreciated my work ethic well enough but did not appreciate my work hours. Angelinakym arab cams live sex.
And, she’d made it more than clear that she wasn’t exactly happy with my job choices either.
On the rare occasion, and it was rare anymore, that we went out with friends, I could see that she was loath to hear other women talk about their husbands’ jobs or say very much about mine. Handsome philadelphia guy seeking fwb.
Janitor and security guard just didn’t sound as sexy as assistant store manager or insurance salesman or what have you.
She wanted me in a suit and tie, oh, and making twice the money that I was even with two jobs.

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Did her attitude bother me? Of course, it did.
A man wants to believe that his woman is proud of him, and, the fact was she wasn’t proud of me.
Being good looking, and I was that, was just not good enough, not for my woman. Smallest pornstar ever.
At any rate, pulling down $26K take home annual was getting us by.
Sometimes things got a little thin, but we did have a nice two bedroom apartment and two three-year-old cars: hers a Civic mine a Silverado pickup both ‘93s. Mature sexy asshole licking.
But I was sure things would be getting better.
I just had to be patient and I was.
Traffic was bad, but I was enduring.
I turned the corner onto our street and sighed.
Our place was just a quarter mile ahead.

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I slowed, and arriving, pulled into the resident lot.
Her car was not in its usual place.
She had to be shopping for groceries.
She was always home when I got home from work.
I parked and strode inside the complex to our place. Kitilove cum ass sex.
I headed for the bathroom: forty cups of coffee per day had their downside; okay well it seemed like forty.
I peed, splashed water on my face and made a mental note to be extra nice to the woman tonight. Real life sim dating games.
I had plans, after dinner plans.
I was hornier than a truckload of rabbits.
I heard the back door slam.
She was home.
I smiled.
She almost bumped into me as I turned the corner into the kitchen.
Whoa, you’re home, she said. Research about gay marria.
As usual, I said, glancing up at the clock for support.
Yes, yes of course, she said.
She looked, something, stressed, something.
Abby? I said.
She sighed.