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He knew that I could take it and drove his entire cock home confidently.
My fingers shot back between my legs and into my empty pussy.
The confusion of sensations as my body was fucked with my pussy empty was scrumptious. Nudisme galleries.
And was Peter fucking my ass – his cock was sawing in and out of my bum as my slippery fingers circled my throbbing clit.
It was so slippery that the sensations were numbed but the frustration simply added to the fun. Ketchikan attached bi girl looking for fun.
Peter’s hands were on my hips, fighting with the same slippery problem.
I was over-lubed, so slippery that we were both fighting for every jot of stimulation.

The bed complained as Peter desperately humped my backside. Mature pussy serra.
His strokes were harsh and commanding but I could take them – just.
I frantically rubbed my swollen clit, getting nearer and nearer the point of release.
“Your cock feels so good in my ass.
” I muttered the words into the pillows again and again, unsure whether Peter could actually hear them. Validating email address form.
They became a mantra, something to focus on as I fought my way to the orgasm I needed.
Peter got there first – he was grunting and groaning and gripping my hips so hard that it was surely going to leave bruises.

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He was willing himself to come and he shouted-out as I felt him spurt hot jets of spunk into my bum.
My own spasms kicked-in and my ass clenched around Peter’s cock, milking it.
I was a slippery, sweaty mess but I didn’t care. 100 percent free best fuck sites.
I was in a floaty-world of utter sexual satisfaction and as I rolled onto my back, I saw a stupid sex-grin etched on Peter’s face.

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