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Four days later I walked over to Judy’s house and was aghast to find her depressed and disheveled.
She hadn’t been looking after herself.
“What’s the point, my only role was to raise the girls, and now they’re gone, I’ve no purpose.
” I surprised myself and stunned Judy when I shouted, “Don’t be silly, the girls may have moved away, but they need us more than ever, to be the mainstays they can turn to when things go wrong as they always do at that age; To be there to fix their broken hearts.

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So, get a grip, we’ll work on this together.
Get changed.
I’ll pick you up in an hour.
” I collected Judy later and drove to the town, where we went my favorite salon.
A bit of feminine pampering and preening lifted Judy’s spirits and going shopping for new clothes afterward reinforced her contentment.

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Having lifted Judy out of her funk, I took her to meet the headmistress of the primary school.
I knew she was looking for a part-time assistant to help with the kids in years one and two.
Judy seemed to fit the bill and when she heard about the position was keen to try it. Messy face fucking.

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