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Karl slips his hand into my panties and down to my shaved beaver.
“Oh, very aerodynamic.
I like.
” I giggle.
“I wonder if it would whistle at terminal velocity.
” “I’d be happy to hold my ear very close in a birthday suit jump.
” I pull his hard cock from his boxer briefs and stroke it. Adverts dating.
He pushes me back and into a chair.
“I want to taste you all over.
” His tongue enters my mouth and I surrender to my Sensei.

My neck, my nipples, my belly, my inner thighs and finally my pussy are sampled by his humble tongue. Hottyyou online chat lesbians direct chat without registration.
It’s beyond competent and deserving of confidence.
When it comes to my clit, it is the cure for my long dry spell of loverlessness.

It ‘loves’ my tiny pud like no previous lover.
I sing its praises and hear a giggle from outside. Glass movie.
It sounds like Dew Drop.
I hear the door of the next camper shut.
Karl persists in torturing me with his competence.
I become nothing more than a superstimulated bundle of nerves and a voice as he plays me like a living musical instrument. Vanila and chocolate are the best combo.
I live entirely in the moment as my body surrenders to the inevitable.

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