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Below her Malik marveled at his cheating little fuck puppet.
After just a few weeks the geeky small town girl was proving to be quite the cockslut and he was enjoying introducing her to her new life as a cuckolding big black cock addict. Facefuck humiliation.
He loved how her pussy gripped like a wet vice around his cock, how it pulsed and fluttered as she struggled to take all of him.
The back of the town car was rich with the smells and sounds of sex as Malik’s big hands grabbed firm hold of her full white ass cheeks and furiously fucked into her overheated tunnel. Bondages woman lick dick outdoor.
He pulled her closer and whispered into her ear.
“You like being my public whore Lauren? You like fucking where people can see you.
You want the world to know that you’re a slut.
That you’re my slut.

” Lauren’s eyes shot open as she remembered where she was. New york online dating law.
She was riding his big cock facing the back window and looked out to see the rows of people filing past the alleyway.
If anyone glanced over for more than a second there’d be no doubt what was going on as the windows fogged and the black town car rocked from side to side. Girls on live cams.
The thrill of the situation took Lauren over the edge and her cries of pleasure tripped from her lips as she tumbled into bliss.
“Yess,” Lauren screamed, finally giving up all attempts at discretion.
“Yes! Sex chat n meet girls. Fuck me with the Big Black Dick.
Fuck me hard.
you’re so much better than Casey.
Oh yes daddy fuck meee!” Lauren’s come squirted and splashed across Malik’s no longer pristine dress shirt.
Every muscle in her body clenched as all of the frustrations and tensions of the day poured out of her in a glorious explosion.

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With a howl, Malik grabbed Lauren’s waist and pulled him to her, flooding her bare cunt with his seed.
He shot six powerful loads into her pussy and kept thrusting until her pussy was a frothy cauldron of their excitement. Latinas lesbian video.
They sat there for a minute catching their breath as their combined juices leaked from her thoroughly fucked pussy.
Slowly Lauren peeled herself from his chest and dismounted his still partially stiff dick before slumping back onto the seat and closing her eyes. Queenofbones1 seksi chat.
After a moment she opened them to appraise his bare chest as he slid his arms into another crisp white shirt.
She lazily pulled on her panties as she watched him, marveling at how his chest muscles flexed as he did the buttons and pulled on the suit jacket.

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“That will have to hold you over until I get back.
” “Wait a minute,” she said as she leaned over towards the shiny floppy cock still poking from his pants.
Her tongue darted out to his shimmering cock head and she tasted her juices mixed with Malik’s come. All sex websita.
She moaned quietly to herself as she cleaned his cock, tracing long strokes up the sides and twirling her tongue over the base before dipping lower to his heavy ball sack, to clean the juices that had collected there. Teen advertisment.
She was growing to love the salty sweet concoction and could see why her boyfriend liked to clean her freshly fucked pussy.
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