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I looked at Amy’s face, where it appeared her mouth appeared to be bulging, filled with my cum as she looked back at me.
Then, without a single thought, she closed her eyes and took a deep swallow.
Her face scrunched, more so of the amount of cum that she was taking in than the salty taste. Japanese office tied.
I saw the load slide down her throat.
Opening her eyes, she then proceeded to open her mouth and wave her tongue around to show me the magic trick she’d performed of making all my cum disappear from inside. Milf adventures 3.
She smiled, as she told me “See what a good girl I am, I swallowed it all!” “You are a very good girl.
That was a big load I shot into your mouth.
I was surprised you could take it all” I told her and smiled at her delight in the way she pleased me.
“I loved every drop of it. 70 hott woman at food lion panama city beach.
It’s very salty, but I love the taste of your cum and I want more of it now!” she said with an exuberant grin.
“I’m afraid I’m a little drained right now, but we’ll see what we can do later!” I informed her.

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She bounced on the bed, just slightly and yelled “Yay! I can’t wait”.
She looked at me and gasped, “Oh.
maybe next time you can shoot your hot big load over my tits, or over my face.
I so want you to do that to me!” she added in hope.
“I’d love that, Amy!” I told her. Teacher big black cock drills amber rayne.
I mean, what man wouldn’t love to shoot a load over a beautiful young woman’s face and body.
“Good! I can’t wait for you to cum over me!” Amy joyfully expressed.
Her eyes looked down, where she noticed the cum that had escaped her mouth and developed around my waist and balls.
“Oops, it looks like I made a bit of a mess. Super beautiful model girls xxx pic.
Let me clean it up!” Amy gestured, pointing to the gooey sticky mess.
Before I could say anything, she leaned over and used her tongue to lick across my waist, around the base of my cock and my balls to lap up the last remaining drops of cum. Vitya77809707 talking to naked girls on line.

She took in every drop she could find, feeding her sexual hunger of my semen.
After finishing, Amy leaned back and sat upright at my side.
By now, my cock was just beginning to become flaccid.
I looked upon this beautiful young woman with a sense of not only lust, but what appeared a growing affection towards her. B namibia woman is horny.
I wanted to return the favor of the gift she’d given me so I asked her, “Amy, I would be really honored if you’d let me go down on you and eat your pussy out.
Would you like that?” Her eyes boggled at the thought, as she bounced once more on the bed.
“Ooh, I’d love that. Impossible pussy insertion.
Fuck! I’ve never had anyone lick my pussy before and always wanted to know what it feels like!” she told me in an enthusiastic tone.

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