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She shyly admitted that her pussy became very wet knowing that I was listening to them from the other side of the earth.
After that night, Tony would stay at her place several times a week and would enjoy my girlfriend’s body and tight pussy again and again. Secret little young cam.
She had become his sex toy, her body available to him whenever he wanted.
Sadly, I only had my hands and imagination to satisfy my needs.
But my perverted mind just wouldn’t allow me to ask her to stop.
Vivian did ask me several times to stop this. Freaks of cock pornstar list.
She told me that she loved me so much and wanted to only have sex with me, but I insisted that she continue this indecent relationship with Tony.
I wanted her slim body to writhe under Tony’s hard fucking as often as possible so my sick desires can be fulfilled.

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When I had another chance to listen to them after few more weeks, I could tell that that Vivian was definitely enjoying sex a lot more.
It seemed that having Tony’s big dick fucking her regularly had finally loosened up her tight pussy to accept his massive tool. Gsgging women on cock.
From listening to what Tony was saying during sex, my sweet Vivian’s body was now pretty good at responding to his fucking.
She would also wrap her long, slender legs around his waist to help his long dick to go deeper into her pussy. Shirley 40somethingmag milf.
The biggest change in Vivian was her attitude in bed.
She was transforming from timid girl in the bedroom to a true woman who knows what her body needs from a man.
She would ask Tony to fuck her in different positions and sometimes even beg him to fuck her again after he came.

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While I was proud of her transformation, sometimes I couldn’t believe I had set up my future wife to transform into a slut by another man.
To satisfy my ever growing and perverted thoughts, I kept on pushing Vivian’s boundaries. Free walk in chat rooms that allow nude pictures.
During Valentine’s day I told her that as Tony’s gift from her as his girlfriend, I want her to allow Tony to fuck her without a condom.
I wanted his sperm to flood her pussy.
She had never allowed anyone (myself included) not to use protection, but I convinced her that it would really make me happy if she would obey my request. Reinammm live free fun sex.
On that night as I anxiously listened to their foreplay, I heard Vivian shyly telling him not to worry about a condom when he was about to enter her.

She told him that as her Valentine’s day present to him, she would allow him to fuck her bare. Lesbian slep fuck.
It must have excited Tony quite a bit because he fucked her 5 times throughout the night.
I also came several times as I listened to the sloppy sounds of his dick fucking her cum filled pussy.
The thought of having my sweet Vivian’s pussy defiled by another man’s cock and filled with his cum was so exciting for me. Horny girls in endicott ny.
I had Vivian describe how it felt to have his hot juice deep inside of her the next day.
She told me shyly that it felt good as he shot his hot cum inside of her womb.
She didn’t protest when I told her not to bother with condoms anymore and to get on the pill. Wifes assholes suck penis and fuck.
From then on, Tony always fucked her without condoms and always fill up my future wife’s womb with his cum.

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