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Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes got as big as saucers as my savage fucking churned her cunt into pussy pudding.
She laid on the floor as I punished her cunt with the fake cock each thrust pushing her closer and closer to her crest. Blond girl.
She begged and pleaded to cum over and over but I wanted her closer.
Finally, I knew she was almost insane with lust and it was time.
I reached over to pick up a small silver bullet vibe and as I held the monster cock as deep into her as I could shove it with one hand, I touched the vibe to her tortured clit with the other.

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The instant the vibe touched her clit, she exploded.
With a primal, animalistic scream she burst forth spewing her juices out from around the cock and onto the floor.
I pulled the cock out of her suddenly and opened the floodgates. Free porn hooker handjob.
Her cunt spat out pussy juices in several short bursts as her orgasm overwhelmed her.
She must have squirted five or six times before she collapsed panting like a winded greyhound and laying on the floor totally spent. Porno penelope black diamond.
Precious lay there on the hard wooden floor, sweat dripping from her, her cunt still leaking dribbles of her cum, and moaning like a mad woman.
I sat back in my chair watching her as she slowly came back to me. Asian pacific tours and travel seattle.
It took about a half hour before my playtoy was strong enough to get up and stand on her own.

I made her sit on the chair she had been bound to for another thirty minutes before telling her to shower and we both retired to bed. The ollie girls from sunset tan naked photos.
She’d had a hard day and tomorrow was going to be equally strenuous, so she needed her rest.
Just as she fell asleep though, she thanked me for the day’s fun and I kissed her softly on the lips.
Yes, she would make an excellent slave. Wattstopper power strip.
I was looking forward to having a lot of fun with this whore! The above story is a work of fiction.
The names, characters, places, and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Xmiaka4u online live seks.
Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

All characters portrayed in this story are over sixteen (16) years of age.
I was taking a shower after coaching college field hockey. Sex slut in ridder.
Although it was only the first session of the season, the girls already showed the promise and enthusiasm needed to compete well.
As it was an uncharacteristically warm and sticky spring night with temperatures still in the early eighties after sunset, I needed a shower before heading home to a promised romantic meal prepared by my partner. Chat online with boys without login.
The hot water pelting my shoulders, I fantasized about what awaited me at home, probably chilled wine, a rich lasagna, and a crisp green salad, served with lots of love.
It was quiet in the girls’ locker room. Fucking girl kissimmee.
Everyone had gone home already.
Or, so I thought, anyway.
Leaning back against the wall, arching my back so that the water could reach my breasts and stomach too, I hummed one of my favorite songs.

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