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Carol and removed the triangle piece of leather and now she could get the O-ring right where she wanted it, right next to my dick.
That wicked woman slid her hand between my thighs, and under my ass with one strap then likewise to the other, pulling them taught and buckling them firmly in place. Alanie chat room webcam latino.
With both hands, she reached under my waist and fastened the waist strap firmly in place, then tugging sharply from the harness ring ensuring there wasn’t any slack in the straps.
What Carol did convince me, even more, what a wicked sadistic woman she truly was. Lookin for some mature fun for today.
Finally, a huge sigh of relief swept over my body, as Carol released my cock and balls from their cage, but that feeling of relief was to be shortlived.
For no sooner had she released my cock and balls from their prison, she was once again ensnaring them.

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Only this time, she was using a pair of cock and ball rings! I went from being denied a hard-on to having a constant hard-on.
Again, she began her torment of lightly dragging her nails over my body and up and down my rock hard shaft. Devohka2215 free dirty chats.
Carol affixed a dildo to the harness and straddled my chest, slowly rubbing her wet pussy lips up and down my chest, getting her even more excited with each pass.
She couldn’t help but let out a long pleasurable moan as she slowly slid down onto that dildo, filling her aching snatch. Smoking latex pvc.
As she began to take that dildo faster, the crack of her ass massaged and teased my aching pole.
I began to match her rhythm until I was sharply slapped across the face and ordered to remain still.
Reluctantly, I did as I was told.

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It wasn’t long before Carol began pumping that silicon cock into her pussy harder and faster, and by the ever-increasing noises she was beginning to make, I could tell she was about to cum.
Carol had her hands planted on my chest, bracing herself. Free cams exposed.
As she came closer to cumming her reflex action was to dig those demonic nails into me.
With a loud passionate, “Yeeesss.
” I could feel her bucking and shaking as she violently exploded.
In time, her breathing slowed, and her strokes softened as that incredible orgasm swept over her, leaving her a trembling mess. Free singles dating.
Soon, I could sense her regaining her composure, and then she reached behind her and held my rock hard cock in place as she began teasing the tip of my cock with her ass.

Slowly, she pushed against my cock, then squealed, and backed off. Mg midget sill.
I could hear her compose herself and begin again.
Right then, I could tell she had never had her ass fucked, much less doing so with her pussy filled with a dildo.
Carol remained determined and she began again, slowly pressing down, this time the head of my cock was forced past her sphincter, and Carol gave a loud painful moan, as her entire body shook. Funny thumb up.
Her body was frozen as she desperately tried to adapt but when she could take it no longer, again she withdrew.
Carol steeled her resolved and began again.
Bearing down slowly, but deliberately, I felt the head of my rod make its way in, and down Carol went.
“Oh fuck! Bigg tits round asses. Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” Then a calmness came over her, as she settled down on both the dildo and cock.

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