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’ He liked this response and quickly started unbuttoning his shirt.
I couldn’t resist joining in, enjoying exposing his tanned and smooth chest.
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He saw my frustration and ripped his shirt open, the last 3 buttons flying off somewhere and we both laughed.

He sat back and unzipped his trousers and I remembered that he didn’t wear boxers last time and this time was no different. Freaks the industry.
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I bent down and flicked my tongue over the swollen tip, he moaned in pleasure and placed his hand on the back of my neck, applying a very small amount of force, showing me how he wanted me to take his full length in my mouth.

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I slid my lips slowly down his cock, rolling my tongue around it and tasting his pre-cum seeping out into my mouth.
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His thick cock filled my mouth and I loved the feeling of it stretching my lips wide and how I could deep throat his full length.

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