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Far better than Chris can.
I know what you like.
just relax.
” She spoke in a low, husky voice.
She suddenly seemed sober with determination.
Was she faking being drunk the whole time? I was so confused, but either way it was so fucking sexy. Hot latina porn pictures.
My nipples hardened and I felt my panties pool with wanting.
I didn’t understand what was happening in my body.
Or maybe I did but was trying to deny it because I couldn’t believe I was that turned on by her. Espn fired gay.
I tried to squirm away but she clamped her hands on my shoulders.
I looked down.
“I’m straight, Nina,” I whispered in a shaky voice.
Clearly convincing neither of us.
“Yeah? Tell that to your racing heart and hard nipples.
” She grabbed my shirt and bra and pulled them down in one fell swoop, making my boobs pop out in front of her face.
“I’m-I’m cold-” I tried to stammer, but I was suddenly so nervous I couldn’t get my words out.
“Just stop, stop fighting it!” She pleaded, gripping my arms harder, not allowing me to cover my chest.
“I’ve been so patient these last few months, waiting for you to finally admit it or realize it, whatever.

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I know you want me.
” Suddenly she was flipping me on my back so she was straddling me on my stomach.
The wanting, intense desire that had pooled in my lower abdomen was only accentuated as she positioned herself there and started grinding on me, seemingly to get some friction on her clit. Free mobile xxx txt chat.
She bit her lip again and she did so and tilted her head back.
“Nina, Nina!” I protested, and she snapped her head back up and locked eyes with me.
“Give it up,” she said, clearly annoyed.

My heart raced and my mind was so confused. Eliss11 dog bbw sex live.
I can’t do this! I screamed to myself.
While in the middle of thinking that, Nina reached behind her and shoved her hand inside my pajama shorts so her fingers were on my clit.
My entire body clenched as she did so, and an involuntary moan escaped my mouth.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Chubby girl webcam.
You want to try to tell me your pussy is soaking wet because you’re COLD, too? You want me to make you come.
I know you do.

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