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He resumed his task, gently but firmly massaging the soap into Karma’s fur, again covering every square inch of her lovely body down to the tops of her thighs.
Both girls now fully soaped down, Hansen reached over and picked up the pair of wooden, soft bristled bath brushes that lay on the tub’s deck, “Turn around and face me, girls,” he instructed, “I am going to do you both at the same time; ooh, that sounded naughty.
” Giggling like school girls, Karma and Thissle turned and stood before Hansen, who was armed with the twin bath brushes, tools of cleansing which both girls knew all too well could easily double as paddles of the cruelest kind. What is third base dating.
For a brief moment, the two giggling young ladies, standing wet and naked before the diminutive Furling, looked for all the world as if they were the bratty pets awaiting disciplining.

He expertly scrubbed both of them simultaneously, gently working the soft bristles in small slow circles over their luscious soapy bodies, forming a thick creamy lather in the brushes’ wakes. Amateur busty jewel.
The brushes massaged vigorously over their shoulders, down their arms, and back up to their necks; the bristles not once losing contact with flesh and fur.
Under their dainty chins he scrubbed, then worked their breasts, full but not overly endowed; their perky nipples stood erect on the soft orbs as the soapy bristles tickled and teased. Adult non veg jokes in hindi.
Karma and Thissle’s sweet scent of arousal, mingled with the light fragrant perfumes of the soap, filled the Squirrel’s nose, and the steamy water, frosted with lather, hid the erection that formed between his muscular thighs. Another word for dating service.

From beyond the door next to the one leading to the outer lounge, the rhythmic slap of oak on bare flesh coupled with the pained cries of a girl pleading for mercy, the distinctive sounds of punishment, could be heard. Home las sale strip vegas.
Karma winced in sympathy, “Sounds like Shaasta is getting paddled yet again, poor girl,” she sighed.
Even Thissle, who had learned to enjoy most spankings, placed her hands on her wet, slick bottom and turned her gaze towards the closed door, “And it sounds like one helluva tail roasting Master is giving her this time too. Hot chihuahua stud looking for fun.
I wonder what the brat did so soon to earn a real punishment spanking?” Hansen shrugged and continued his chore, now working the brushes down the girls’ tummies in firmer wider circles.
The sounds coming from the next room brought images to his mind, images of his Elven lover submitting to their Master’s paddle, her sweet lovely butt taking strike after strike after strike, jiggling cutely with every blow as her aft flesh burned red.

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His erection beneath the water lengthened and pulsed.
“Perhaps she mouthed off to Master,” he suggested, “You know how feisty that girl can be.
Or perhaps she did nothing, and he is paddling her just because he can, you know; for his own pleasure, to give her a really good warm up before boinking her.
” “Well, whatever his reasons,” Thissle said, “it’s his call. Massive cumshot compiation.
And Shaasta probably had it coming to her anyway.
” Karma giggled, “A day of reckoning, ye might say.

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