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“Hey Tony,” I smiled.
He grew a few inches and probably stood at about 6”2 now, but still had his green eyes and tanned skin like me.
“Where’s your friend?” he asked.
I pointed behind me, “In the water, where’s yours?” “Taking a leak, he should be down any minute.
” I turned to the water and yelled “Emily!” She turned and started to swim to the doc.

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“You brought Emily?” Tony asked without trying to hide his disappointment.
“Yea, so?” “Well I was hoping to get a little action down here, if ya know what I mean” he nudged me with his elbow.
I slapped him in the arm, “Ew, gross.
” Emily got up out of the water and my brother looked shocked. -fomin- kerala live sex video chat com.
Emily used to weigh 160 pounds but she lost a lot of weight over the year and now sits at around 115.

She looks healthier and with her big boobs, she looks even greater now with all the weight gone.
With my brothers mouth still hung open I smacked the bottom of his chin. Nude beautiful biracial women.
He turned to me and grinned, “looks like I still might get some action” and he started off to meet her.

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