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Your voice is sleepy, reflecting no alarm or concern.
“Daddy? What are you doing? Why are you touching my pussy like that?” I strain to control my voice.
“Because I love you, Kyleigh.
” I gently massage your pussy and your clit and feel the moistness grow beneath my fingers. Sexxyruby sexchat naked c2c.
I lower my face to your chest and my mouth suckles your breast through the thin silk fabric.
“No, daddy.
You shouldn’t do this.
It’s wrong.
” Yet you show no alarm.
I’ve just spent the last few hours dreaming of having your breast in my mouth, of feeling my tongue rubbing over your nipples. Britney spears nude dildo.
I can wait no longer.
I tug your panties down your thighs, and then past your knees, then over your feet.
You offer no resistance at all.
And yet, your verbal resistance has become annoying.

Surprisingly, the anger I feel only serves to inflame my lust.
“Daddy loves you, Kyleigh.
” “Daddy, I love you too, but this is wrong. Bi couples le pontet.
You’re not supposed to touch my pussy.
Isn’t this a sin, daddy?” I can’t answer you.
Damn your reluctance! I lift your shift up over your breasts and lower my head again.
This time I kiss and suckle your bare breasts, as you moan softly and writhe slowly beneath me. Filipino sex chat websites.
I’m so aroused.
My heart is pounding like a drum.
I pull off my boxers and return my hand between your thighs, and slide it again upward until my fingers once again touch your pussy.
You are so incredibly wet. Replacing tiles with pee stains.
Your juices are all over your thighs and making a wet spot on the bed.
“No, daddy.

This is a sin.
God doesn’t want my sexy daddy to fuck his little princess.
” “Doesn’t this feel good, Kyleigh?” “Mmmm… Yes, daddy, it feels really good, but you’re not supposed to. Warwick midget cheerleading.
What if god saw you fucking your precious little girl.
” Your hand gently touches my erection and squeezes.
In that instant, I see that you are toying with me! You don’t mean that gibberish about wrong and sin. Mature womens boobs.
You’re just messing with my mind! You want me to fuck you! And I want you to want me to fuck you! I kiss your lips, brutally hard.
I probe my tongue into your mouth.
My fingers are pushing deeper into your vagina and you’re getting even wetter. Firewall penetration sleeve.