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The growls and roars from below continued to echo, startling Raquelle each time the sound hit her.
She had never been an adventurous person but the signs and pleasant scent of the flowers brought her out of her shell a little bit. Xxx sex free videos rafcas.
Remembering what she had read earlier, she stepped over the flowerbeds that were delicately sprouting around the old metal flooring of the vault.
The windows between the atrium and the small living quarters next to it were all smeared with blood which added to the creepy backdrop that surrounded young Raquelle. Dating kink.
She peered in each of the windows seeing nothing but an old bed and more plants.
What the fuck has happened? She asked herself before walking towards the next flight of stairs.
Raquelle went deeper into the unknown, the noises becoming louder as she did.

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More steam filled the air as it sprayed from the pipes and a pleasant scent continued to leak from the vents.
As she reached the next deck, her eyes diverted to the ground and more importantly a blood trail. Adult gay dick pics.
She started to follow it quickly, determined to find out what happened to the dwellers of this installation.
Unfortunately, she found nothing but an old bathroom as she reached the end of the trail.
Her heart was thudding from the tension that was slowly building however she began to calm down as she looked at herself in the cracked mirror. Milf butt plug tgp.
Her long black hair was still perfectly neat and her dark brown eyes still reflected her African-American beauty.
Her lips were dry but still maintained the full look as she licked them softly.
For a few moments she admired herself before moving back towards the main atrium of the desolate bunker.

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More noises echoed around the decks making Raquelle more jumpy as they got louder.
Clanging metal and steam hissing masked the growls and screeches slightly but they were still ear-splittingly loud as she finally reached the next staircase. Cumshots in every hole.
She hurriedly walked down the stairs in hopes of discovering what happened but as she reached the next deck, she was greeted by more flowerbeds filled with the same colourful plants.
Infuriated with the constant torment that the bunker had to offer she approached the flowerbeds and began to stamp on them. Fat naked women gallies.
All of a sudden, one of the flowers began to twitch strangely.
Raquelle immediately stopped crushing the plants and stepped back as the twitching continued.

A growl came from the dirt and the plant began to rise. Pornstar japanese handjob penis and interracial.
Raquelle’s heart started thudding harder as a bright green humanoid creature emerged.
Four spines protruded its back and its snarl sent shivers down Raquelle’s spine.
She let out a loud scream as the creature began to approach her slowly. August star hustler.
In response to her screams, the creature began to release pleasant scents from its spines.
Raquelle retreated as she saw the colourful gases plume around the creature.
Her back hit the cold metal wall leaving her with nowhere to go as the creature came closer. Is benji madden dating anyone.
The aroma began to flood her nostrils quickly, calming her almost immediately.
Strangely enough as the creature got within a few inches of her, she was no longer scared of it.

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