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It took all her will-power to carry on eating Rosie’s delicious pussy, until a flood of love juices onto her face told her that Rosie had come for her.
This meant Liz could forget everything except Rosie still tormenting her cunt and Lyn invading her behind. Calvin klein swimwear black bikini cover tie.

With the two sensations at once, Liz was coming, but the girls carried on, ignoring her frantic squirming and futile struggles.
Fingers slid into her backside, butt-fucking her, while Rosie was using her own fingers to rub Liz’s clit harder and faster, and her tongue was still probing and teasing in Liz’s twitching slit. Mom anal adventer.
Liz was coming harder and harder until she went rigid, and her love juices erupted from her in a final fountain of satisfaction that brought cheers and applause from the watching audience.

The girls pushed the frame from the room, rotating Liz until she was the right way up. Cams xxx.
Marna came over to greet them, kissing Liz deeply and running her hands over the exposed flesh.
“The owner of the club has asked me to tell you that you are welcome to appear at any future events held at the club,” she informed Liz, “and the payment he has made for tonight’s performance will cover the full cost of our services, plus leaving you a nice little sum for yourself.
” The girls undid Liz, helping her stand as she found her legs were still unsteady.
“And if you ever feel like an all-girl threesome,” Lyn added, “just call Rosie and I, we will be only too happy to enjoy you anytime you want.
” Marna smiled.
“Make it a foursome, and invite me,” she laughed, “I just love it when we all come together.
” The next morning, after breakfast, Abby went home. Xxx squirt deepthoat gangbang.

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