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And despite the need to remain untethered, you wanted our eyes locked in some mythic polarity, lips gleaming in a magenta sheen as they seek to cover mine, you wanted me to be complete inside you, to know this place of furious bliss and safety. Your gander is looking for you.
And the delicious pressure of your frame pressing with such certainty also said it, to imprint a being into your bones, to just fully claim you where the past and future cease as we shudder in a rapturous present and whatever lives beyond there because a half measure is never a complete surrender.

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But we don’t have to name it yet.
I was close to you for so long, and it’s marked by more than words to know you’re forever punctured by what flesh expelled us, to be torn from another womb and still know that what we really are doesn’t really ever meet in darkness.

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Even if our most feral embrace may initially blossom in shadow, it culminates with a collision of furious light and eruptions.
I don’t what that says about us, we don’t have to name this yet.
We’ll still meet in that nocturnal meadow. Fuck hot slut teen.

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