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You lean in slightly deeper and pause, giving me a quick moment of hope before replying, “No!” as you slide your cock up and plummet deep into my ass in one long, excruciating thrust.
It’s been too long since my body has been subjected to this and white hot fits of pain stretch from my ass into every crevice of my writhing body. Hot man cock.
How could I have begged for this moments ago? Did it always hurt like this? I try to swallow the scream, to form words like please, fuck, or stop but there is too much chaos in the pain and my words spill out in pitiful whimpers. Big boob riding.
“Shh sweetie,” I hear your disembodied voice comforting from somewhere outside the pain.
“This is what you asked for.
You know your words.
” The tone in your voice is one that reminds me to be brave, if you were worried I couldn’t take it you would ask me what my words were, expect me to repeat them back. I deepthroat preview.
You know me so well that way.
I can take it and more to the point I fucking need it.
I take a deep breath, your cock still stretching my hole open, and melt into the hurt, telling you with my body that I’m ready.

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“Good girl.
” The next thrust comes down violently, followed quickly by four more of the same, each ripping my insides open.
But with the next thrust the hurt begins to dull and the pleasure is taking shape. 420datingservice com.
The physical pleasure, but more importantly the pleasure of my most depraved parts being used by you.
My quick shrieks mold into encouraging moans in sync with the sound of your hips slamming against my little ass. Married sluts.
Your hands press down firmly into my hips, as if to keep me from squirming away, but I am beyond trying to flee.
I plant my hands into the mattress and push back to absorb every thrust.
“Play with that needy little clit, but don’t cum without permission. Nepali dating sites.
” I manage to register your words from within the hurricane of pain and ecstasy and comply for the moment, but I can feel my orgasm mounting quickly at the touch of it.

I manage three more thrusts before I beg, “Please may I cum?” “No. Fuck dating reedsport.
” So I slow my fingers down against my clit, but your denial spurs my arousal further.
I worry I can’t fight it any longer.
Your cock in my ass hits a place of pleasure that removes me from any authority, yours or my own. Cogiendo en el hotel. Amateur video.
The desperation must drip from my next plea, “Oh god, please let me cum!” “Cum for me now.
” The magic words, and I feel my muscles spasm around your cock, milking you hard with each thrust, as every sensation melts into bliss.
“Honey, what are those things for?” Julia asked. Casual encounters saltillo.
Tim’s reply had a tone of ignorance.
“What things?” he said.

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