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“That is so fucking hot!” Summer didn’t seem to notice or maybe care, how uncomfortable I was.
“So like, she had the key and you couldn’t jerk off or anything without her permission?” “Basically, yeah.
I know that I keep saying this but all of this stuff was years ago, it’s history. Adult personals ft tahoe vista ark.
I don’t really like talking about it, to be honest.
” Summer leaned over and pulled a gift bag up off the floor that I hadn’t noticed earlier.
She placed it on the table.
“Guess what’s inside!” Of course, I knew. Gir with dildo ass.
“Maddie bought it for Trevor! She was going to give it to him tonight!” I just nodded uncomfortably.

Summer was excited.
She reached into the bag and pulled the chastity device out, sitting it on the table in front of me. Mr pete porno sex.
“Was yours like that?” I stared at it as a million memories came flooding back.
I wasn’t about to panic as Trevor had, but boy was I ever close.
I didn’t answer her question out loud, but I couldn’t help but take a look at it. Abril2590 live porn messages.
I hadn’t seen a chastity device in years, and clearly, some advancements had been made in their design since.
The one that I wore was a bit basic.
It did the job – did it ever – but compared to this one mine was crude.

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The one that Maddie bought was molded and fitted plastic, it was properly shaped and came with several different size brackets to hold it on.
The function was the same, but this chastity device was on a whole new level than the one I was used to all those years ago. Sexy callback with cam.
“Summer… I just… no more of this, ok?” “You’re going to help Maddie and Trevor though, right?” She was asking in a way that made me think that if I’d said no that maybe she wouldn’t call me again and whatever inroads that I’d made tonight would be lost. Gay men with huge dicks.

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