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The Officer went from clasp to clasp fastening both wrists.
I felt her then secure each of my ankles.
Finally I felt her undo the tie-up and knew my bottom was exposed.
“Twelve judicial,” I heard the Officer say as she positioned herself to my side. Hot redhead girls.
I supposed that was why the women I saw were crying.
The caning at school certainly wasn’t judicial.
Once again I momentarily questioned what I was doing, but quickly remembered the bills I was going to pay; and the cut-off notice that came this morning for the gas. Russian sexdating hamburg.
Even as I was thinking about the bills I felt the most awful pain right across my bottom.
I heard a yelp and it did take a couple of moments to realise the sound came from me.
That and the realisation the stroke was very much harder than I ever got at school.

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The second stroke landed and I yelped again but this time there was less of a shock.
The third stroke cut in to my bottom but I only hissed out through my clenched teeth realising the pain was now easier to deal with. Fat girls bedford sex.
In fact I was handling the caning rather well, I thought.
I kept count of the strokes.
The third and fourth strokes were the hardest; at least they stung the most.
The fifth hurt but less so.
Different feelings started though. German american dating seperation.
I knew my nipples were becoming erect and quivers raced across my pussy.
Much as they did when Claire took the hairbrush to my bare bottom.
I realised then that I was getting aroused by the caning.
When the sixth stroke landed I told myself I was half-way through but at the same time my pussy was quivering more and I was edging an orgasm. Fuck women tallahassee.
The next two strokes heightened my feelings and by the ninth it was like I was skating through the pain; even wishing the next stroke would happen.

The cane now was doing to me what Claire’s fingers did when she was deep inside me flicking my clit. Cherryslady free porn chat.
The tenth stroke had me gasping as did the eleventh.
I had cum and it was wonderful.
I wasn’t even thinking about the Officers.
Just about Claire and what she would do to me later.
I was so far in the clouds I didn’t even realise the twelfth and final stroke landed. Sex date glendale arizona xxx.
Except for the intense pain.
I lay on the table breathing deeply coming back down to earth.
I knew I was still breathing through clenched teeth even as I felt the clasps being released from my ankles.
The pain took over for a while and so even once I was released from the clasps I couldn’t move yet.

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Slowly I opened my eyes but got a shock.
My sight was blurred and I was worried.
For a moment.
Then I felt myself sob and realised I was crying.
I heard the order, “Get up, Hart.
” I eased myself up and my hands flew to my bottom. Japanese nurse femdom.
I rubbed my burning bottom and felt what I knew were raised wheals on my bottom cheeks.
I tried to gauge whether the Officers realised I had cum right there on the table.
It seemed they hadn’t.
The Officers were showing no sympathy at all. Porn girls indonesia picture.
“Get going, Hart.
We have others to deal with, you know.
” I looked at the Officer.
She had a scowl on her face but I still thought she looked sexy in her uniform.
“That way,” the Officer ordered.

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