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I smiled back and she gave me an awkward side hug.
She giggled.
“Thanks for everything, Jim.
” I got up and said, “No problem, I’m sorry about your husband and about coming onto you like that.
” “Don’t be sorry,” she said, fixing her hair. Baptism of erotic massage group video.
I didn’t realize how much she meant it.
She stood up and pulled me to her forcefully.
She planted her lips on mine and pulled my face tight against her lips.
“I am so wet and horny right now,” Lori said.
“Make love to me.
” To this day, that is the hottest thing I have ever heard. Nsa oral massage.
The simplicity of her words were perfect.

I pulled off my shirt and Lori dropped to her knees and took off my belt, before pulling down my shorts and boxers.
Lori tilted her head to one side.
“You’re so much bigger than my.
” “No!” I cut her off.
“No more talk about him!” I grabbed Lori under the arms and picked her up to her feet. Looking for a cool friend fling.
She scooted to the center of the bed and said, “Let’s do this.
” I got on the bed and mounted her beautiful body.
I aimed the tip of my cock at her entrance as Lori grabbed her panties and moved them to the side resting them in the gap between her pussy and her thigh. Girl fucked til crys.

I slowly pushed my hips forward until my cock head made contact with her lips and, little by little, I entered her surprisingly tight pussy.
The warmth and texture felt amazing.
Once fully engulfed by her pussy I began to slowly slide my cock in and out, taking my time with each stroke. Sexy womens feet.
Lori began to moan as she played with her boobs.
Then she said, “Just like that Jim.
Uhh yeah,” she moaned.
“It’s been so long.
” I picked up my pace, much to the clear enjoyment of Lori, who began to buck wildly as an orgasm overtook her body. Sex webcams live.

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