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Ginger had reached down and was working her hand up and down my cock, spreading the pre-cum slickness.
Her hand felt wonderful, as I know mine did to her, but I desperately needed more.
I climbed out from underneath her, moved behind and Ginger knew exactly what I wanted. Blad guys head in womans vagina.
She rolled over on her tummy, then scooted her knees underneath and spread them apart.
I scooted up behind her, lined my cock up with her slippery pussy and pushed inside her, pulling her hips back hard as I did. Emma watson deepthroat.
I heard a loud gasp from Ginger, then several completely unrecognizable wailing noises.
God, she felt so good! I have no idea how to adequately describe the fucking that followed.
It was such an incredible physical feeling, but so much more than that. Hapeville utsa recreation hapeville.
I was already feeling such an emotional bond with her that it multiplied the physical by a huge factor.
I had had a massive orgasm just a few hours earlier, so was able to continue our lovemaking for several minutes; far, far more than our short, exquisite, first time.

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Ginger’s body was quivering and wailing coming from her mouth nearly the full time my cock was plunging in and out of her.
I had no idea how many times she might have come or if it had been one long, ongoing orgasm. Free genuine inline sex chat.
In any case, I finally came to the end of my ability to stave off my own orgasm and when I felt it suddenly hit, I pushed deep inside her with short frantic thrusts, ejaculating spurt after spurt.
Ginger’s wails only increased in tempo and volume. Couple interracial pic.
We were both soaked in sweat when it was finally over.
Someone must have raised the thermostat another thirty degrees in those few minutes.
Ginger simply collapsed, face down, stretching her legs out and I did the same about half on top of her and half on the bed, with my arm around her. Kim kardashian amp amp reggie bush dating.
Her face had been facing the opposite direction away from me.

She turned so that we were looking into each other, our faces only a few inches apart.
Together, we closed those few inches and spent the next several minutes enraptured in a passion-laden kiss. Who is denise welch dating now.
I had absolutely no clue what time it might have been.
I know there was a lot of the night left because I was awake, enjoying the feel of the woman whose bed I was in the whole time.
I feel almost guilty that the whole rest of the night, my thoughts never strayed from her. Massive dick shemale.
Never once did I even think about either Addie with Nick or what might have transpired with our parents.
I simply enjoyed the woman next to me.
In the morning, after daylight started to filter through her frilly curtains, Ginger said to me, “This is the first time I’ve had a man here, in my bed, since Eric died. Wild_roobeth free chat rooms india sexy cam.

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