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Anyway, it’s just a village pub but it has a nice back room where we can be ourselves and chill out and have fun and a laugh.
I admit now up front I’m a lesbian and so are some of the other regulars but not all of them by any means. Free online sex dating no credit cards s.
There’s a few out and proud Bi’s and sometimes a couple of curious housewives.
There’s also the occasional straight girl, usually dragged there by some mates after work who come in looking like rabbits in the headlights, but they soon find we’re not that scary. Young and wild ebony porn.
Mostly because we aren’t.
We’re not just a bunch of butch lezzers as the locals so sweetly describe us.
It’s not a pick-up place but that’s not to say that sort of thing doesn’t happen.
I’ve managed to go home with a girl a couple of times in the past.

Adult match.
Shit! … I swore to tell the truth when I wrote this … Okay, when I say a couple of times what I mean is about six or seven, but I haven’t kept count.
I don’t carve notches on my bedpost, I’m not that sort of girl! Pornstar whore handjob cock and pissing. How the whole thing started I’m not sure.
I wasn’t around, and I’ve only heard the legend.
It began apparently when one girl brought a few friends for a girl’s night out.
They were fed up with the frosty receptions they’d got everywhere else and had ended up here where the landlady seemed not to mind at all. Free nude web cam and sex chat.
As the weeks went by and word spread more and more women started to turn up.
The landlady was even good enough to start putting a ‘Reserved’ notice on the door on Thursdays.

A mate of mine had found out and had gone and she then dragged me along. Sexy guys fucking girls and eating them out.
I’ve been coming here on and off ever since.
This was the first time I’d been back since I’d met the girl and I went to the bar to get a drink.
As I waited I stood closer to the gang at the table and was bombarded with questions. Naked women washing in shower.
“Where have you been, Suzi?” “What have you been up to?” “Are you with anyone?” This last question caused one of the girls to comment, “Yeah, last time you were here you went off with that little librarian. Beautiful asian lady at jungle fuck singles.
” Oh fuck! I was hoping they wouldn’t remember.
I turned red as a beetroot.

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