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My name is Blake, im six teen.
I live at home with my mom Wendy.
Mom is now forty one.
Me and mom have always been close to eachother since it has been only us since dad left when I was two.
This is how I became even closer to mom. Xxx sunflower mississippi for women.
Today was like any other day.
Me and mom sat around the house, went to town, also did a little yard work.
After the yard work I came inside to take a shower.
When stepping out of the shower I realized I had forgot my boxers in my room and only had gym shorts to put on. Nude school girls brunette pics.
Not thinking about it I only put on my gym shorts.
I went into the living room where mom was and we had our normal afternoon routine.
After eating dinner we sat down to watch tv.
Mid ways through the movie we selected I dozzed off, as I woke up later on I could feel that my cock had grew hard while sleeping.

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As I stood up it had totally slipped my mind that I was only wearing gym shorts.
I instantly looked down as it hit me and my nine inch cock was forming a tent in my gym shorts.
I looked towards mom and saw her looking at me but she never said a word about my erection. Tulsa oklahoma dark lady xxx.
Mom asked if I had a good nap and we had a normal conversation while I stood there with my cock on hard in clear sight for mom to see.
When I had enough, I told mom I was going to bed now and walked towards mom to give her a hug goodnight. European mature woman.
When I leaned down to hug mom I felt my cock push into her chest, I knew she had felt it against her.
I leaned up from the hug and my hard cock that was sticking straight out came inches from mom’s chin. Hot pov threesome.
I quickly retreated to my room not sure what to think about what had just happened.

When I reached my room I pulled my throbbing cock out and began to stroke it.
The only image that was in my head was mom looking at my hard cock. Funny online dating profiles for men.
I stroked it till I finally cam to the sight of mom looking at me.
I then rolled over and went to sleep.
The next morning when I woke up I decided to test what had happened and stay in only my gym shorts. Catfight mud nude porn clip.
I had a minor morning erection but it was still very noticable in my shorts.
I walked down stairs to see mom sitting on the couch, she greeted me goodmorning and asked what I would like for breakfast.
Mom then went into the kitchen cooking my breakfast, I followed her and stayed in there with her the whole time. Craigslist personals memphis tennessee.

My cock had now become fully erect in the kitchen with mom, at one point she walked by me and my cock brushed against her leg when she passed.
After breakfast I went up stairs and took a shower, afterwards getting properly dressed for the day. Movie old rated xxx.
After dinner that night I became a little more gutsy.
I came down stairs in only my boxers and a t shirt this time for our regular tv watching time.
As we watched tv I acted as if I fell asleep.
I thought of mom looking at my cock and made my cock start getting hard. Dating email to email contact 2016 united arab emirates.
Laying on my back on the couch my hardening cock was going to be very visible to mom in my boxers.
I had not planned for this to happen but I felt the head of my cock start slipping out the front of my boxers. Fuck chats on mobile.
The thought of this made my cock start growing rapidly, then suddenly my whole cock sprung out the whole.

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