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Her hands moved to my skirt as she started inching it up over my waist, her fingernails gliding down, scratching against my inner thigh.
I gasped slightly from the sharp sting of her nails digging into my flesh and felt her hand moving down to my burning sex. Alamo heights dating.
Her fingers moved down to caress my soft swollen lips as she teased them gently apart before slowly easing in one finger, followed swiftly by a second.
“So young.
So tight,” she said as her fingers began to thrust out of my needy cunt. Nude wives of confluence.
I let out a soft moan almost purring as I felt myself being filled, my body twitching and responding to her fucking fingers.
This was better than I could have ever imagined.
Better than getting it off to Julia Ann every night, better than thumbing through my dad’s old hustler magazines, better than any of my fantasies.

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This was perfect I thought as my eyes started to close and her fingers started to drill in and out of me even harder and faster.
I felt myself moving my hips and grinding on her fingers, making them go deeper. Chat with cam norway.
My pussy was flooding her desk and I certainly did not give a fuck if I got some stupid bitch’s test paper wet.
I was beyond caring about something as trivial as that when she stopped and said, “I think you need something bigger than just my fingers, don’t you Sadie?” There was a slight pause as she watched for my reaction.
“Lucky for you I have just the thing that I carry around in my purse for just such a wonderful occasion as this!” She reached for her purse and unzipped it and took out a thick black rubber cock. Wife bends over for black cock.
I stared in amazement as it was now evident to me that my teacher, Mrs Stephens, was a kinky slut who probably spent her lunch break in the teachers bathroom getting herself off.

Fuck, that is hot.
I felt myself tense as she began to rub the cool rubber shaft up and down my hot, swollen, wet lips before pushing it into me inch by inch. Caroline pierce pov.
My heart was pounding, my breathing was intense.
She suddenly.
started to ram the thick rubber cock in and out of my cunt.
She reached to the desk and grabbed a thick magic marker, adding moisture to it by licking it before ramming it into my ass. Middle aged uhldingen muhlhofen sluts uk.
I gasped, startled at the sudden invasion.
“How does it feel, Sadie, to have both of those tight little holes filled?” I felt my pussy clenching as she sped up her movements.
“Oh god! Oh fuck!

Oh fuck me!” I moaned loudly.
“Did I not tell you to be quiet?” she questioned, her other hand moving to my mouth covering it and muffling the sounds of my moans and heavy breathing. Rio swingers in sexten.
My body was trembling and shaking, my hips were bucking and I was near screaming, nearly biting her hand as I felt my pussy begin to pulse and twitch.
“Move your hand down to your ass and start fucking yourself,” she said in near whisper. Smothering slave.
My eyes glazed over with lust lost to everything and everyone around me as my hands found the marker and began pushing it in and out of myself, timing it with her movements.
My moans grew louder, my whole body shaking and tingling in relentless waves of pleasure. Sexchatting bot.
As I felt myself being released, I was aware my pussy was exploding wave after wave of hot warm juices, streaming out of me, down my thighs and onto the desk.
“You really made a mess, didn’t you?” she said as she looked around us.
“I really should have you clean that up and not leave it for the poor underpaid janitor to do. Porn clip share.

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