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I walk over and whisper in to Jacqueline’s ear, “I think he wants to fuck your arse, would you like that?” “Yes please.
I want Hank to fuck my arse,” she replies.
“I don’t think he heard you, speak up,” I say. Abused woods.
“Hank… Please… Fuck my arse,” she says in a much louder, demanding voice.
That’s the invitation Hank was looking for.
He positions himself behind my wife, slowly pushing his cock into the depths of her tight arse. Asian cj miles nude.
“Oh yes, Hank.
That’s it, fuck it, fuck my arse,” she yells, in between his thrusts.
Hank is now fucking my wife hard.
I can tell she is absolutely loving it, by the amount of moaning that is coming from her. 100 american web bar dating sites.
I look at Hank, and can see he is ready to shoot his load, by the way he is thrusting himself faster in to my wife’s arse.

At the last moment, Jacqueline dismounts his cock and lays on her back.
Hank thrusts his cock into my wife’s mouth, shooting his cum deep down her throat. Online webcam sex.
Jacqueline looks at me with Hank’s cock still in her hand.
“That’s five out of five.
” Watching my wife suck and fuck all these men has gotten me so fucking horny.
I figure it’s my turn as they all watch. Online safety asian dating gift.
“You liked his cock in your arse, how about I finish it off?” I say.
“Oh yes please, my love,” she replies.
Jacqueline rolls over, facing her arse to me, and I push the full length of my cock all the way in to her already fucked hole. Hot hispanic male models.
Grabbing my wife’s shoulders, I start with long slow deep thrusts.

“Mmm,mmm, yes, mmm, yes,” she moans.
I pick up my pace, as she starts rubbing her clit with one hand.
“Ahhh, ahhh,ahhh, Im going to cuuuuum,” she begins screaming. Amateur lesbian boobs.
I give my wife a few more hard thrusts, as every man in the room is now cheering us on.
“So am I,” I yell.
I release wave after wave of cum deep in to my wife’s arse, while they all watch and applaud.
I had such a build up from watching all the attention they had given my wife tonight, I feel I’m going to pass out having such an intense orgasm in Jacqueline’s arse. Milf wth big tits fucked.
As I withdraw my cock, I watch my own cum run from her arse to her pussy.
And to think, that’s the first lot of male juice to venture there tonight.

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