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To be honest, it didn’t bother me too much.
That day was Sean’s third birthday to be exact and I had set up a very extravagant party for not only his friends but their high-class parents.
Being that it was in the middle of summer, the pool was open and ready for use.
“Ana!” Sean called from the top of the stairs and I turned my eyes up to him, smiling as he darted down in his blue swim trunks.
“Can you help me with my sunscreen?” He asked, looking up at me with a beaming smile.
“Of course.
” I replied and did just that, put the sun screen on.

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As soon as I was done he heard the doorbell ring and was off like a light.
The first of his guests had arrived, toting their parents behind them.

With a smile on my face I directed them to the back yard and told them where they could place the presents and where the adults could get their glasses of wine, champagne, or even a beer. Best free columbiana alabama adult chat rooms.
Soon after that the flow of people started to become heavier, and the party was in full swing.
Myself though, I was dressed in a white sun dress with my light pink bikini underneath.

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