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He started to bob his head slowly over my cock.
I moaned loudly.
Saliva was dripping down my shaft to my balls.
It tickled nicely.
I started making surprisingly feminine sounds as my cock was being handled with never before experienced professionalism. Monster dildo dp deepthroat.
I could not stand it any longer, I grabbed John’s hair and started to buck my hips against his mouth.
I felt my orgasm building up.
I tried as best I could to keep it in.
I breathed heavily and moaned like a girl. Adult vedio chat without reg for mobile.
Suddenly I came and sprayed my entire load in John’s mouth.
I had never came that hard before.
I screamed with pleasure.
John didn’t stop sucking until I lay in the back seat limp.
“You sound like a girl,” he said with a smile.
“You’re just that good,” I answered out of breath.
“I know we didn’t talk about it before,” he said, softly squeezing my thigh, “but those sounds you made just made me so horny again.

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I interrupted him saying, “You want me to suck your cock again?” I was very much up for it.
I loved sucking his cock.
He smiled and shook his head.
“No, not that.
Would you let me fuck you?” It had never crossed my mind before. Hot nude girls from bakersfield.
I had wanted to try sucking cock, but taking one up my ass was never part of the plan.
The suggestion made me very excited however.
I just bit my lip and nodded.
John took hold of my legs and laid me down on the back seat. Fino alle palle.
I looked up and between my legs I could see John’s giant cock.

He had gotten hard again and the sight of his erection got me even more excited.
It was beyond me how that massive meaty cock of his was going to fit in my never before penetrated ass. Bdsm diaper.
John licked his hand and placed it on my ass.
It was quite nice but then he pushed one of his fingers in to me.
I moaned.
The sensation of being penetrated was amazing.
John looked at me and said “Just relax.
” I saw his cock in his hand being pushed towards my exposed ass. Uk dating co uk.
I felt the heat of his member against my anus before I felt the actual cock head push on me.
John pushed on my anus really carefully.
I relaxed and felt his cock head enter me.
My moans were loud and sounded extraordinarily girly. Extreme femdom ball crushing nailing.

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