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It felt so wonderfully slutty and sexy saying these things for all to hear! I spread my legs and tilted my ass up to give him a better access to my ass and to help him get it all the way in.
I was defiantly being stretched. Kendra lust ava addams.
I could feel it.
“Oh yes fuck my ass.
slowly baby.
oh I feel it stretching open.
oh yes.
oh god.
” I said in between sucking the life out of Karen’s pussy.
She tasted so good.
The sensation of her pussy lips on my mouth and the feel of being ass fucked had me going. Free personal adult cams.
I was such a slut.
Little innocent me was eating pussy for the first time and taking it up the ass; the firsts for me were piling up this night for sure!! I timed my sucking of her pussy with the slow strokes of his cock. Big busty milfs getting fucked.
Dave picked up the tempo of his strokes in and out of my little virgin ass.

He was going from tip to balls deep in just a couple of seconds now.
I had not realized how much he was fucking me.
Dave was close to cuming and Carl and Mark were not far behind as they were both stroking their cocks right over us. I want to open the chocolate box.
Dave pulled his cock slowly out my ass.
“I’m going to cum Mary” Dave said.
“Oh please shoot it all over me” I begged.
I got on my knees.
All three of them were standing over me stroking their cocks.
I took turns sucking off each of them. Jaysplace free porn russian web chat.
I had Dave’s cock in my mouth while I stroked the other two.
I did not think I could do this, but it worked great and they loved it.
“Man she is good at this, what a good cock sucker she is” They all commented. Vintage ebony black nudist.
I was sucking Dave’s cock as far down as it would go, all the way to the back of the throat.

“Take him all the way Mary, swallow him, try it.
Just loosen your throat and swallow.
’ Karen said as she proceeded to deep throat Mark while looking right at me. 7kisya9 seks uzivo.
She looked great with her mouth all the way up against Mark’s balls with his cock all the way down her throat.
I smiled at her and said.
“I’ll give it a try” The I looked up to Dave who looked like he was in heaven and said Do you want me to suck your cock all the way down my throat baby? Milf finder batesland town. Would you like to see me try?” “Oh yes sweetie please,” Dave begged.
Karen was mouth fucking Mark now and he loved it.
I ran my hands up and down Dave’s lovely shaft and then got it nice and lubed up with my spit. To women dating service.
Then I started to suck his cock.
I sucked on his huge shaft, moving it closer to the back of my throat.

Finally his cock hit the back of my throat and to my amazement my throat opened up without gagging. Cuteangel69 ipad erotic web cam.
I pushed his cock past the entrance to my throat.
I was so happy about being able to deep throat.
I pushed it farther down and his cock started the long journey down my throat.
Little by little I was working my way down his massive member to his balls. Picture porn cresi.
I pulled it out and sucked it back in.
Then I went for it all.
I sucked up his shaft slowly and gobbled his cock all the way down until my lips were in his pubic hair.
I stayed there for a while massaging his ass with my hands. Text local lund girls free.
I looked up at Dave who was staring at me in amazement.
“Baby that feels so good and you look so good swallowing my cock” Dave said.

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