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” Mike introduced them.
They both said, “Hey Susie.
” “Hi guys, you look like you’re ready,” she said, grinning at the sight of their hardons.
“Let’s get that ottoman over here for me to lie across.
There’s no way I’ll be able to support myself after more attention like I just experienced. Spank bench bondage.
” Releasing her skirt, it fell as she stood and grabbed her beer.
Then arching her back and turning a bit as she finished it, the new guys had a good look at her exquisite, nubile body.
She walked over to them and grabbed a cock in each hand. Voice artists erotica.
“Mmmm, both so nice,” she declared as she stroked them.
“Which one where? Decisions, decisions.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
” The whole situation was raising her natural flirtyness.
She had let go of any remaining misgivings and was completely enjoying the excitement.

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“I, want, to suck.
this one!” She dropped to her knees in front of Pete, taking him into her mouth for a brief time before popping back up and heading for the ottoman.
Both guys quickly followed and assumed the appropriate positions as Chrissy settled across the hassock. Free best mobile sex chating.
This enthrallment proceeded much like her experience with Mike and Tom, except she was more worked up to begin with so her response was quicker and stronger.
Soon overwhelmed by her orgasms, she was losing her ability to energetically suck Pete. Russian gif deep throat blow jobs.
Her moans had become mostly screams and shouts as she collapsed into her own world of rapture and ecstasy.

Greg and Rob had walked in just as Pete and Tim were switching positions.
Since she had lost her ability to focus on a blow job, Pete was about to take his turn behind her. Solid mass breast.
They gave her a short time to rejuvenate before he plunged into her.
Her euphoric shouts of passion filled the room as everyone urged Pete on.
He pounded her relentlessly, seeking the release her mouth could not give him. Nude cute wet teen butt.
As she was gasping for breath in-between orgasms, her body shaking, her arms thrashing with no purpose, he finally shot his load.
Taking a minute or so to recover himself, he eventually pulled out of the hot, slick tunnel that had brought so much pleasure to both. Asian wife suking dick.

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