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On his side of the window, he was rock hard and ready to cum, one side of his fist starting to get sore from the repeated hits against the glass.
Let it bruise, he thought, it can be a reminder of this very moment. Indian ass boobs naked.
He was surprised the glass hadn’t smashed or shattered altogether, he was masturbating with such ferocity.
Thump, thump, thump.
Squelch, squelch, squelch, she was soaking wet and ready to cum.
She forced her tongue against the cool, smooth glass once more and licked wild patterns and trails, her saliva all over the window, her pussy juice all over her hand and down her thighs and legs.

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Perhaps if she closed her eyes and thought hard enough, she could be licking his cock.
That thought was what sent her into overdrive.
Her pussy gushed, her moans grew louder, her tongue stopped it’s drawings on the glass window while she came, with such intensity from her position on the ground that she wondered if she’d pull a leg muscle, she felt her calf go tight and tense from kneeling. Wanna88 asian sex cam.
When the aftershocks started to subside, she rolled her shoulders back, feeling a dull ache in her tailbone from kneeling on the hardwood.

She opened her eyes and saw a large arc of pearly white cum on the plate glass window across the way from her. Wild webcam girls.
The Adonis had put his boxer briefs back on and was watching her through the window, a glass of amber colored liquid in hand, same as every evening.
I awoke to an unfamiliar sensation.
Curled within my arms was a petite, disconcertingly childlike body and it was moving suggestively against me. Kozlopiton69 www ten18sex com.

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